Entrepeneurship Program for Girls 10 - 21 years old

Book me to come out to your facility to teach my entrepreneurship program to your students. Lasts 4 weeks, 2 to 3 hours per weekend.

Some topics we will cover include:

1. Leadership Training

2. Creating a Business Plan

3. Markerting Strategies

4. Funding

5. Budgeting and Money Management Manner (finacial literacy)

6.The Importance of Mantaing And Using Credit (personal or business)

7. Creating Generational Wealth

8. Work Skills and Basic Responsibility

9. Social Skills and Manners

10. The Importance of A Good Attitude

11. Dress For Success

12. College Tours (scholarship, FASA information)

13. Able To Earn Cummunity Service Hours

14. How To Deal With Bullying

15. Personal Hygiene

16. Inner Beauty vs Outer Beauty, Self-esteem and Self Love

17. One on One Mentoring (zoom or in person)

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